Week 28, 2019


This week saw a continued push on updating the UI across different parts of the game, making sure they all have the same style, and fixing some bugs and small missing features in those areas.This mainly applied to the furniture design tool, and the painting tool. 

  • Choosing what to make or customize UI got an update. Listing of crafting materials now uses a common system, so everywhere resources are listed they’ll look the same.
  • I moved the pieces selection to the lower side of the designer screen, made the whole interface cleaner and more organized
  • The save screen for your designs also got updated. You can now rotate the image on your design’s card, as well as rename it, and change the background color to make it more unique.


The painting interface got updated too, with some new features. Now your most recently used 3 paints appear in an easy-to-get-to place, as well as your three recent brushes too. 

  • I moved the brushes and paints into separate hideable panels that get out of your way and let you focus on painting.

Other minor updates:

  • You can now evict residents from a home.
  • You can now move into an empty home yourself, and the game will load you from that home next time it starts

Other stuff

Hokko life was shown at a small indie developer meetup this week, and got the most hands on it it’s ever had. There was laughter, bugs, and some pretty intensely focused wood chopping too. People liked what they played, and there was general excitement around it, giving me an energy boost!

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