Week 43, 2019

Oh me oh my, what a bumper week this has been! When I count up how many estimated days work I got done it ends up about 2 weeks work! Crazy!

So let’s see what got done!

Department Store and Online

  • The process for registering your town online, which allows you to begin uploading and downloading creations, was added to the game.
  • Player creations now store a small history of all the users involved in the creation
  • The upload UI for players’ stores got cleaned up
  • You can no longer upload a creation to your store that you haven’t made yourself.


  • Added a new special villager with custom animations that works away on houses while they’re under construction
  • Villagers now give up going somewhere if they can’t get there, instead of getting stuck and trying forever
  • Villagers now properly check if they can get somewhere and as a result get stuck less
  • Villagers that are stationary cause other villagers to go around them now, instead of running into each other


  • Fixed a bug where trying to pick a piece of furniture that can be interacted with caused interaction instead of pickup
  • Added a wiggle to furniture while you’re holding the interact button to give feedback showing you’ll be picking up that item instead
  • Refined the placement mode for furniture, fixing annoying bugs, and adding some nicer looking interfaces for rotation, as well as a lean on items as you move them around

Bits and Bobs

  • Train station got hooked up so its lights come on at night, with a nice little warm glow around them
  • The sky colour is now set by the time of day and weather
  • The logs got a texture and aren’t just flat brown any more
  • Customization of your avatar now costs money, and extra dialog functions were added to enable this
  • The building customization UI now shows the correct thumbnails for the materials chosen for the roof and walls
  • Thumbnails for exterior wall and roof patterns look nicer
  • Fixed a bug where you could pick any item to use as roof or wall patterns
  • You can now use a shovel to dig up tree stumps
  • You can now use a shovel to remove gardening plots
  • Levels got “no go areas” added to them, stopping villagers from walking to weird places
  • There’s an indicator now in the Design Tool to show you what the “front” of the item is
  • User created content is handled in a better way that should reduce loading times between levels

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