Week 35, 2019

With focus on powering through my task list, getting things checked off, this week was quite a busy one. My aim is to move everything up to a base level, ready for Early Access

  • Building customization UI got an update to bring it in line with the latest style.
  • The forest levels got some polish and are no longer just empty flat planes with trees on them
  • Random level contents system got updated to give better generation, and to fit with the fact there are less forest levels now
  • I added back shells on the beach area, weeds and digspots on other areas
  • The weed graphics got a minor update
  • There is now some feedback when you “move in” to a house and set it as your personal home
  • Dropping resources on the floor now drops them away from you so you don’t immediately pick them up again
  • Flowers got updated to work with the new way resources are dropped from sources.
  • A sickle tool was added to chop down flowers to get their petals for crafting
  • You can now use a shovel on flowers to dig them up for moving around and placing elsewhere
  • Flowers now use the same system as furniture, allowing you to custom rotate and place them
  • Fixed up the backpack to use the main tooltip system instead of its own.
  • Hovering over a piece of furniture in your backpack will show a bigger image and information on it
  • Sleeping got a first pass, with a nicer transition (it just popped to the next day before)

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