Week 34, 2019

What happened this week?

  • Worked on game intro and dialog functions, allowing me to trigger specific dialog with characters, useful for cutscenes
  • Had a friend playtest the game and found a bunch of bugs!
  • Fixed bugs with the mine being completely dark, crafting stats being broken, the shop being empty of goods, and levels not being saved properly
  • Chris provided some first pass ideas for other music tracks, including locations like the forest, fashion store and workshop. I added these to the game.
  • Plants no longer look super sick as soon as they’re a little bit dehydrated
  • Fixed up the system for turning on and off lights at night time
  • Removed my custom bounce lighting shader stuff, it was a bit expensive and not that good
  • Created a bunch of new hair styles, and added a new shader to handle hairstyles with short clipped areas.

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