Week 33, 2019

Here’s what got done this week!


The fishing mini game got a lot of love. Including a new 3D interface. Almost the entire game got a re-write and it now works a heck-of-a-lot better!

There’s also now a random chance a chest will show up while fishing, and if you collect it, you get a random prize!

The camera zooms slightly now when you get a bite on the line, adding a little more suspense to the experience

Other stuff

  • Weather types now have weights so they can be more or less common (it was randomly always raining in the game, so I made rain less common)
  • Click input has been removed for general navigation and interaction. In an effort to make things simpler and more stable for release I removed click-to-move and click-to-interact; these are now keyboard only.
  • If you hold the interact key while using items like the axe or pickaxe you’ll keep swinging; previously you needed to press the key each time you wanted to swing
  • All the equipment got first-pass proper meshes in.
  • I made tweaks to fishing game as well as the furniture designer so that your mouse cursor doesn’t leave the game when you’re frantically clicking or dragging things around
  • I made defining what a plant should look like at each stage of its life easier and more flexible to allow for faster iteration later.
  • I added a watermelon
  • I added “sick” versions of the plant stages for all existing plants, so now they look unhappy when you’ve not been watering them.
  • The mailbox got a proper mesh instead of just a floating white cube

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