Week 30, 2019

This week has been spent pretty much entirely looking at the content sharing and downloading side of Hokko Life, and as a result, I’m sorry to say, I don’t have many fun pictures to share!

I dug up old code and gave it a bit of a spring clean and now the game has:


Letters and a Mailbox! Letters from both in-game characters and online are delivered to your town.

Letters can have attachments, such as furniture or other items.

Department Store

The basic setup for the department store is in too. The department store will be where you browse other players’ creations, allowing you to download them to your game. Every player will have their own “floor” in the store where they can exhibit furniture or items they want to share with the community. If you see an item you like you can get it sent to your mailbox to pick up later!

I’m trying to build all of these features with the idea in mind that in future players will be able to browse creations through a web browser on their phone or computer, and send items to their in-game mailbox, even when the game isn’t running. We’ll see how that goes though!

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