August 2018: Part Two

Wowsers! I can’t believe it’s September already!!

After Jonas’ fantastic month in the studio the second half of August saw Wonderscope back down to one person. So naturally you can expect a bit less got done over those weeks. Let’s take a look!

New Villager Heads

A bunch of villagers got their head meshes updated, optimized, and textured. It feels really great to start getting more polished villagers in! Right now most of their clothing isn’t sorted (clothing is tied to what type of character, or role a character has; and I’ve not figured that stuff out yet..!) but even just fixing their heads has made the game feel a lot closer to finished.

Being able to customize your avatar is a big part of the game, and although the functionality has been around for a while, there’s not been any interface for letting the player customize their appearance, so a new UI was made to allow this.

There are presets, or you can just play with sliders!

Alongside player customization UI, I worked on getting a first batch of hair styles into the game (this is just a first handful, there’s a lot to come). It’s funny, I found that there’s something really therapeutic about making hair styles… haha.


Of course you can customize the color of your hair too!

All the colors!

After Jonas did some UI concepting at the beginning of the month I decided to get some of that UI in-game, namely the backpack:

From concept, to game!
Equipment Area

On the right-hand-side of the backpack UI is a little panel that shows you what you’ve got equipped (here it’s a basic pickaxe) and the empty slots above are for unequippable items of clothing; for example hats and glasses. Functionality for equipping/unequipping stuff got added too this month!


Tool button

You might also have noticed that there’s a little icon next to the backpack in the lower-right corner. This button is used for taking out/putting away your equipped tool. Before this was added you’d need to open up the backpack to take out a tool; now you can just click this button, or use the keyboard shortcut; saving time and clicks!

And in other news: the dig-spot and weed visuals got a minor tweak too!

New dig-spot and weeds

Dig spots and weeds get placed into the world every day, so if you leave them a while they’ll start to build up! Weeds are just unwanted kinda-ugly plants; whereas dig-spots will always contain treasure of some kind. You’ll need a shovel equipped to dig up said treasure though!

So that’s kind’ve it for these weeks! There’s been a lot of code stuff done behind the scenes, but none of it is particular exciting and I don’t want to bore you! It’s way more interesting with pictures, eh? haha

Thanks as always for reading!


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