July 2018: Part Two

Welcome to Part Two of July’s update!

This update is focussed primarily on the art stuff that Jonas has been helping out with as well as a few other bits and pieces!

As I mentioned last time Jonas jumped on board this month to help out. They immediately got stuck into making the game more lively, with tweaks to textures and lighting to make the game pop more. At the same time I tweaked the custom shader the game’s using and the difference from before was quite striking after all these changes!


After these updates Jonas started looking into the design of the buildings.

House Concepts

They looked at possible variations for houses, followed by the general store and barber/beauty salon shops:


We settled on designs we liked and these will be making their way into the game shortly:

General Store & Barber’s

The next building Jonas looked at was the train station. We felt the train station that was in game already didn’t fit the feeling of the game, or the direction we were taking with the other buildings, so we decided to give it a redesign.

Train Stations

Initially we looked at continuing to have a large, “main building” for the station, but despite the variations this never really got close to the cosy, countryside feeling of the game. Jonas then did some concepts of a much simpler station which we both felt fit the game far better.

Cosy Stations

Next stop on the concept train was the villagers. We wanted a more playful, simple, and cute style for the villagers than those that were in-game already.


Coloured Villagers

Jonas did a bunch of variations of animals, and we picked those we felt worked best and they then got on to blocking these out in game.

Animal Blockouts. One is sliiiighty more polished than the others..

Jonas also took a look at the town map and layout, and after a few iterations found one that we both liked and wanted to see in game. This was a more expanded version of the current town, with a far more interesting layout than before.

The new town layout

While Jonas was getting on with this I was busy with some other things!

Inspired by the new town layout I made some pieces that will be used for its actual construction. Namely cliffs, undergrowth and river edges. These will be used to blend between different areas nicely.

River and Undergrowth Edges

To add more coziness and life to the villagers, they now greet you when they first see you with a time-relavant phrase. It can get a bit chaotic when they all arrive at the station, but you get the idea! It feels lovely to come across a villager and they say hi as you run past ^__^

Good Morning!

Not mega-exciting but necessary: all the resources that exist in the game now have placeholders. This means you can go about the world, collect resources and craft anything you need.

Also you can now ask villagers to move into town. If they’ve visited often enough the dialog option will appear.

Wanna move in?
Live Here!

There are now weeds and dig-holes scattered about the world, providing you with little tasks to do on your way from A to B. Proper graphics and animations are needed, but it definitely pokes that “must tidy up” tendency inside us!

Get out Weeds!

And that’s it! All of the lovely stuff that’s happened in July!

My goal with these updates is to start doing smaller updates, more regularly so you don’t have to wait a whole month before seeing what’s been happening! Every two weeks is the goal, let’s see how it goes!

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Thanks as always for reading and for your continued support!

/Robert (@biscuitquiff)

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