Introducing the Composer: Chris Köbke

Hey folks!

Just a quick update on an very exciting part of the development of Hokko Life that I’ve been wanting to share for a while: The Music!

With this post I’d like to introduce Chris Köbke as the composer for Hokko Life!

A while back I came across Chris Köbke’s work while checking out some game videos on Twitter and loved his ability to capture a lot of the magic found in the music created for the Ghibli films, created by the fantastic composer Joe Hisaishi. It was a similar vibe I wanted to capture with the music for Hokko Life: a warm, summery, dreamy escape to a town of happiness, and so I got in contact with Chris.

He did a few demos and I could spot that even in the short clips he would be a good fit for the soundtrack to the game.

We’ve been working on getting together the basic feel of each of the different tracks for the game over the last few months, and you can hear a little snippet of one of them below.

This is a clip from the draft of the forest environment track:

A demo clip for the forest areas

Chris has also started a vlog of himself working, providing an insight into his method, and the kind of stuff he gets up to on a work day. The first episode of his “Let’s Score” series is now up on YouTube, featuring his work on Hokko Life over the past week!

Take a look!

Every new clip I hear from Chris makes me very excited for how Hokko Life will sound once it’s all together. Music makes such a big impact on the atmosphere of a game like Hokko, and I often find myself smiling excitedly while testing the game thanks to the charming music Chris has put together.

I can’t wait for you all to hear the full soundtrack when the game hits later on!

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