Devlog: Cozy Months

Hey there, here’s some of the bits and bobs I’ve been up to the last few weeks! 

What’s in a name?

The game has a name! After a bunch of deliberation, mulling things over, and staring into the distance; I settled on the name Hokko Life for the game. Hokko is an adaptation of the Japanese onomatopoeia “Hoko Hoko”, which means to be warm and good, and “Life” fits the life-sim type of game it is! With the name figured out, pretty soon I’ll have a logo sorted too, and the game will start to feel like it actually exists as its own entity instead of a work-in-progress project. Hooray!

Store Front

The store got its final textures! Following on from the concept that Jonas did, I fixed up the blockout mesh that was in game and added textures to it. Next step will be working on the fashion and beauty store and finishing up the train station too. (Note, store logo coming soon!)
The new store

Own Threads

You can now wear your own custom t-shirts! I rejigged the player’s t-shirt mesh so that it would fit with the same setup as the villager’s t-shirts. This means you can paint your own design in the painting tool and run around town wearing it! It also simplifies things with villager and player clothing, meaning there’s now only one set up instead of bespoke for each type.

New Villagers!

I sat down for a bit and pumped out a few new villagers! Right now a lot of them don’t have names or personalities, I just wanted to get outfits in and see how they felt. My plan is that a few villagers will be special ones with gameplay attached, whereas the others will fit a certain personality type, from which they’ll get their dialog style etc. Each villager will have their own preference when it comes to decoration objects too.


I added a little wobble to objects now when you hit them with equipment. Without this the feedback was pretty bad as to whether or not you were successful in your action. 
Bomp, Bomp

Debug HUD

In time for when the musician gets started on the project I added a simple debug menu that allows us while working to do things like jump between levels, spawn villagers or give the player a whole bunch of cash. I’ve got a bunch of special menu options in Unity for making this sort of thing easier, but I wanted to add a menu that was accessible if you’re just running the game and not sitting with Unity open.

Debug Menu

State change

I started work on rejigging how the characters AI and animations work. Previously I had a separate system that handled what state a character was in which communicated with the animation state machine, which decides what animation to play on the character. These would often become out of sync, which means actions would happen, but their animations wouldn’t play for example. It was also really hard to figure out what was broken when it was. I decided to give an idea I had a try, and work the character states into the animation state machine itself; using that as a central place to control the player and the AI. Right now things are working a lot nicer than before, a whole bunch of bugs have gone away, and it’s a lot easier to figure out what’s going on. Luckily I have really simple characters and simple animations, otherwise I think this method would most likely not work. Fingers crossed it’ll continue well!
And that’s it for this update!
Thanks for reading!

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