Devlog: Bounce, Polish, Tweak

This update is going to be a brief one I think. Looking back at everything that got done over the last two weeks I can say the vast majority of it was small, not-super-exciting fixes and tweaks. Things like locking axes when scaling things in the designer; or fading out items in your backpack if they’re not relevant to the task you’re doing. Not much of that gif-candy stuff everyone loves, but important none-the-less.
That being said, here are some visual bits and bobs I did for you to take a look at!
Design complete card UI
I mentioned before that things that you design in the game will be given their own “card”. This card is used to show information about the thing you’ve made, what styles it has, who made it, and so on. This card will also be used on the online catalog, where you’ll be browsing everyone’s creations and downloading them into your town. Jonas did some concepts a while back, and I decided to start getting this into the game. 
Now when you’ve finished designing you’ll get presented with this card so you can review your creation before saving it. 
Your design presented as a nice card
New dialog UI
I’ve been trying out a few ideas for the dialog interface when you’re chatting to villagers. Previously it had all been “in game” hovering over your player character and the villager. This felt a bit cluttered and hard to read, so I decided to move all the options and dialog down to the bottom of the screen. Kind of like it’s been done in most other games. I’m still not super happy with how it looks, but it definitely feels better I think. 
Along with tweaking the dialog UI I started changing out the type of text I’m using for something that allows different styles and colors within it. This means I can do things like highlight important words, for example items and characters that are important when you’re being given a task by a villager.
Important text is highlighted
Task Information
Speaking of tasks from villagers; the visuals for your task list got updated. Now you get a nice little picture of which villager you need to go and speak to regarding the task; if it’s new; if you can complete the task; and a little image of the item you need to deliver. 
New task list
Backpack bounce
The backpack icon got some polish and is now animated and bouncy. When you pick up items they’ll go into a little visual queue to go into your bag. If you pick up a few of the same item it’ll get a counter showing you how many you’ve collected. The backpack then opens up and takes the items. All of this is pure visual flare, and gives a nice little bit of subtle feedback as you’re playing.
Some backpack icon polish
Door cam
Continuing with making things feel nice; I added a little zoom and rotation on the game camera when you enter buildings. I had added these controls for when you speak to villagers and the camera gets closer, and so I decided to take that and apply it to doors. I think the new camera movement makes entering buildings feel a lot more fluid, and polished.
Camera movement on entering a building
And that was that! Told you it was a short one! As I move more into a polish and refine stage of production there will most likely be less exciting big changes to report. That being said, I’ll also be pumping a lot more content into the game, and polishing up graphics, so fingers crossed I can keep feeding you little pictures every now and then!
Thanks for reading!

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