Devlog: August 2019

Here’s what happened in the world of Hokko Life during August!

More UI Work!

The Building Customization and Avatar Customization interfaces got updated to bring them in line with the rest of the game’s UI.

More Hair Styles!

I created a new hair shader for other types of hair and proceeded to add a bunch of new styles; these have mostly been short styles but I’ll be adding some more longer ones a bit later on.

Generated Levels Updated

There are areas in Hokko Life that have their contents randomly generated each day, such as the mine and the forest. These areas use “stamps” or “collections” of objects that are then placed around the level. When I first made the system I used a custom script for the stamps, allowing their contents to be iterated on, but since Unity introduced nested prefabs I didn’t need this any longer, and so I went through and replaced the old stamps with new.

While I was at it I improved the forest levels so they are now at a shippable quality level, before they were just a flat area with nothing in them!

An example of a stamp used in the level generation
Reworked forest level

Flower updates

I updated the flowers to work with the new way resources are dropped and automatically picked up. As I wanted flowers to be placeable as well as usable as a resource, I decided to split up their interactions. I added a new sickle tool, allowing the player to chop down flowers in a destructive way, turning them into something you can use for crafting: petals. If however, you use a shovel on a flower you’ll dig it up whole, allowing you to place it down again somewhere else!

While I was in there I also converted flowers to the system that allows them to have more control over how they’re placed when decorating.

More refined placement of flowers


The fishing mini game got a big update this month, converting the old placeholder 2D game to a 3D game, with better feedback, and treasure you can pick up too!

Updated fishing game

Other Bits and Bobs

The mailbox got its own graphics, instead of being a floating cube!

There’s now feedback when you move into a home too! I would love to create more of a fancy cutscene, but I feel this will be sufficient for Early Access.

Sparkles and the mailbox appear when you move in

I also removed my custom lighting code from the game this month. I had a simple solution I had made for doing fake bounced lighting, but it was buggy, not really noticeable and added unnecessary complexity to the game… so I decided to get rid of it. I have an even simpler idea that I may try out a little later to get a similar result; time permitting.

Smaller stuff

  • You can now hold down the interact key to repeatedly chop/mine etc
  • Plants don’t appear very sick when they’re only slightly dehydrated. Their system for ageing is also a lot nicer to work with.
  • I can now export all item information, like prices, to an external file I can then edit in spreadsheet software. This enables me to much more easily edit and compare values and then import them back into the game.
  • Weeds, Shells and Dig-spots are readded to levels after they got removed when reorganising the world layout.
  • Sleeping got a mini cutscene so you don’t just “pop” to the next day now.
  • Lights come on at night! I haven’t added lamps to the game yet, but the system is now there to turn on and off lights when it’s night time
  • Greetings now change based on how well you know a villager. It was a bit weird when they knew your name and you’d not met them yet…!

And that’s it for the interesting stuff that got done this month! There’s a bunch of boring bug fixes too but they’re far less fun!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

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