2018 Review

Hey everyone!

I thought I’d put together a little year review for 2018, looking back at what happened over the last 12 months. I managed to get quite a lot done in 2018. It’s really interesting reading back through the devlogs on the site and seeing what I got up to. I decided to spice up this blog post too by including a whole bunch of gifs of silly bugs that happened during the year, enjoy!

Starting off strong with a mis-match villager and some very funky eyes

Stuff that got done on the game:

  • The main town area got built, at the beginning of the year it was a one-room demo, but now there’s a whole town!
  • There are also mine and forest areas that are randomly generated each day, full of lovely resources!
  • Speaking of resources: resource gathering and crafting got in!
  • You have a backpack now to store stuff!
  • The game is now aimed at a PC/Mac release initially, so a bunch of control stuff got changed to fit this decision.
  • Fishing!
  • Player Customization!
  • Painting tool for making T-Shirts, Wallpaper and flooring!
  • Dig holes! Weeds!
  • Villagers can now move in if you’re good enough friends with them!
  • Villagers give you tasks to do!
  • A whole bunch of new villagers got added!
  • I started getting sound FX into the game!

Other things that happened in 2018


I went to GDC for the first time as my own studio, and had slightly-scary (but also quite fun) meetings with a handful of publishers; pitching the game to them and seeing if they were interested. Although the answer turned out to be no I learnt a hell of a lot, and established some good connections for the future. It also made me realise that I wasn’t ready to start a full-blown studio yet and take on all that responsibility. We’ll get there someday, but there’s no rush!

Some crazy intense hair!


Jonas hopped on the project for a month and their help was incredible. Having someone else bring ideas to the game, and their own take on the art style helped the game evolve visually to something I’m really happy about. They also hopped on near the end of the year to start work on the game’s logo (more on next update!) If you wanna see the concepts Jonas produced, check this post out: July 2018: Part Two – Wonderscope Games


I found a musician! They’ll be getting into the swing in 2019 and making sure Hokko Life is a delight to listen to. I’m tremendously excited to hear the tracks they come up with.

Fun with shaders!

Other stuff

I got a kitty cat! Then I didn’t got a kitty cat! Unfortunately the cat that I took home missed its previous home too much and just wasn’t happy with me as their new owner, so they had to move back. I’m going to be getting another cat a little bit in the future I’m sure but right now I’m taking a breather (having an unhappy cat at home was just a teensy bit stressful!)

Over 2018 I continued to recover from the burnout and stress I had kicking around from the previous few years. I honestly thought recovery would be faster than it has been, and I’d definitely say I’m not 100% back-to-normal yet, but by golly-gosh I feel a lot better than I’ve done for aaaages. Making more time for myself, trying not to stress the little things and putting the brakes on immediately when I start feeling bad has really helped. In this day and age you’re bombarded with the message that every minute you should be doing something productive or worthwhile, but acknowledging that this won’t make you happy or healthy, and that time out doing nothing is equally important has most certainly helped me feel better. Don’t overwork yourself kids!

This is how trees work, right?

Here’s to a magical 2019!


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