Wonderscope is super-tiny game development studio based in Stockholm, Sweden focused on creating colorful, inclusive and playful titles that don’t center on violence. Founded in 2017 by Robert Tatnell it is currently a one-person entity; but although it is small, it’s jam-packed with big ambition.

Robert started work at Sony around the time of the Playstation 3 launch, cutting his teeth on the title Heavenly Sword. Since then he’s worked on titles in the Fable and Killzone series, as well as other smaller games across a whole host of platforms and disciplines. Most recently he was Art Director for the newest incarnation of the classic Gauntlet series over at Arrowhead Studios. He hopes that his varied skill-set and 10+ years experience can help create some truly wonderful games.

One big goal of the studio is to be as open as possible with development. It will provide frequent updates on projects as they’re being created, and strives to maintain active communication with the community; harboring a good developer-player relationship across all its titles.